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Why All Church-Age Endtime 
Prophets are False
Ray Waugh, Sr.1915-1995


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John Barela

Interestingly, in 1988, John Barela remarks that Time voted Mikhail Gorbachev whom he references as "Gog" as "Man of the Year of 1987" ("Front-page," Vol. 2, No. 7, 1988. p. 2). He goes on to note that Dr. Charles Halff of the Christian Jew Hour had this to say about Gorbachev's "flaming birthmark that runs from his forehead to a position near the back of the bald top of his crown. To the ancients, such a mark was considered to be a supernatural 'brand,' placed by the 'gods' to designate one who was appointed to rise to world prominence and fulfill a prophesied destiny" (Ibid.).

He adds, "Dr. Halff also noted the significance of the first name of Mr. Gorbachev, 'Mikhail,' to be the direct equivalent of the Hebrew derived name 'Michael" ... The Hebrew meaning of [which] is 'he who is like God.' A most appropriate name for one who is to defy the authority of God by attacking His chosen people, Israel" (Ibid.).

Since Russia did not attack, what now?
What now? Gorbachev is not in power!

Charles Halff

This one who has provided these words concerning the probability that Mikhail Gorbachev could very well be the one "who is like God," and the "one who is to defy the authority of God by attacking His chosen people Israel" has a very long and a very intimate association with C. I. Scofield's Notes. As long ago as 1963, he published a book with the title, "Daniel and Revelation Made Plain," which was written by a Mark G. Cambron. Charles Halff in the "Forward" of this book says, "Brother Cambron wrote this book at my suggestion. I consider it one of the finest expositions on Daniel and Revelation that I have ever read."

In Chapter II of "The Book of Revelation" section of this volume, we find not just four interpretations, but a total of five. He advises us that a proper interpretation of chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation will include for consideration:

1. Seven churches which existed at the time of John.
2. Seven types of local churches.
3. Seven types of Christians.
4. Seven periods of Church History.
5. Seven churches in these cities of Asia which might be existing just before the rapture. 
   (Mark G. Cambron, "Daniel and Revelation Made Plain," The Christian Jew Hour, 1963. p. 59).

On the surface, we might expect to get some information that had not been previously available to us, and one might anticipate some elaboration on points 1 through 3 and point number 5. In actuality, what we are provided is but a repeat of that supposed prophetic elaboration of the Seven Churches in chapters two and three of the book of Revelation that C. I. Scofield and others have referenced. All of the other points or details supposedly are given their due, as it were, with the words, "Whatever your interpretation, whether to a local church or to an individual, the truths apply to all" (Ibid.).

Here, then, we find that one of America's foremost evangelists of the last 40 years, and that one of America's foremost Christian-Jew evangelists throughout the last 45 years has had C. I. Scofield's Notes as the background for his thinking regarding prophecy. We shall not elaborate on the handling of Daniel which is just a rehashing of what C. I. Scofield has included in his notes that are available to all, but there is not one line in the volume which so much as mentions Scofield. Just as Scofield never mentions J. A. Seiss as his information source, so Mark Cambron never advises us that everything he included in his volume is line for line from Scofield's notes.

We do want to make reference to Mark Cambron's handling of the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation. His words will demonstrate that there is not one thing new beyond what C. I. Scofield had in his 1909 and in his 1917 editions of "The Scofield Reference Bible," nor in the 1967 Revised edition of the same publication. He provides us with the following on Revelation, chapter two:

I. The Church in Ephesus (Read verses 1-7). This is the First Church Age (30-110 A.D.). II. The Church in Smyrna (Read verses 8-11). This Church describes the Second Church Age (110-315 A. D.). III. The Church In Pergamos (Read verses 12-17). This characterized the Third Church Age (315-500 A. D.). IV. The Church In Thyatira (Read verses 18-29). This covers the Fourth Church Age (about 500-1500 A. D.) (Ibid. pp. 59-61).

Then, from Chapter III of his book, he provides us with the following and continuing detail concerning Revelation, chapter three:

We continue toward the conclusion of the Lord Jesus' messages to the seven Churches, which covers the second division of the Book of Revelation -- 'the things that are.' I. The Church in Sardis (Read verse 6). The injunction to this Church fully reveals the Church Age (from 1500 to around 1750 A.D.), commonly known as the Reformation (The Fifth Church Age). II. The Church in Philadelphia (Read verses 7-13). This Church portrays the Sixth Church Age (from 1750-1910 A.D.). III. The Church in Laodicea (Read verses 14-22). This is the Seventh Church Age. The meaning of the word Laodicea is 'people's rights,' and this Church fully tells of the Age we are in now, which began about 1910 and will continue to the Rapture of the Church (Ibid. pp. 62-64).

Interestingly, as we have previously seen, this is simply another evidence that another man of God has chosen to follow the traditions of men or the teachings of a mortal man such as C. I. Scofield. Whereas he might have listened to the words of Jesus or accepted the words of Jesus as men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God have provided them for us. It is evident that this man, Charles Halff, though he may be one of our Lord's redeemed men, obviously chose to turn aside from the truth of Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32, and Acts 1:11

Gerald Flurry

Another presumably has picked up "the mantle" of Herbert W. Armstrong who died in 1986. This "new kid on the prophetic block," Gerald R. Flurry, who is now publishing "The Philadelphia Trumpet" apparently has a little different perspective as he looks at the Seven Churches in Revelation two and three, but his addiction is that which we have seen in the lives of many of the other false prophets. That he is the literary and the spiritual slave of C. I. Scofield is positive evidence that he is not getting any of his prophetic information that he shares for a price from the Word of God..

He says, "The Philadelphia era of the Church of God, under Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA), was probably the most important of all the seven Church eras. There was a massive rebellion in that era during the 1970s. ... The Laodicean era followed the Philadelphia era (Rev. 3:14-20). The Laodiceans turned away from God. But there were serious problems in the 1970s before the Laodicean era. This was a sign that the Laodicean problem was extant before Mr. Armstrong died" (Gerald R. Flurry, "The Synagogue of Satan," The Philadelphia Trumpet, Edmond, Oklahoma, February 1993. p. 1).

Certainly, there is no lack of confusion!
Deceived men never find quitting easy!

President Ronald Reagan

As we begin to draw some of these details to a close, we want to note that for the last 100 years or so, some men have taken a particular interest in what they have determined to be prophecies about Russia. Above, we have made note of the fact that much of this allusion or reference to Russia must be laid at the feet of C. I. Scofield. Though we can know now that he did not really have any Scriptural basis for applying some Biblical passages to Russia, he did so and then millions supposed that he was speaking for God.

Across the last 80 years or so many apparently reached a conclusion that was very much in line with some of the words of one of our recent Presidents, Ronald Reagan. We recall that he made a lot of points back in the days of "The Moral Majority" and had some very strong "Right Wing" support when he arose to his full height and spoke of Russia as "The Evil Empire." Pastors, Preachers, Professors, Prophets, and especially the more graphic of the evangelists, had been making a very strong point regarding such an allusion for many, many years. When Ronald Reagan did this, they understandably supposed that they had a friend in "The American White House."

Many men who have reached a definitive conclusion about "the evil empire" for some 80 years and a little more have used their conclusion to put an end to the professional careers of some who would not or who could not agree with them in their apocalyptic thinking regarding "Communism." We have seen this denigrating transpire in government circles, political circles, industrial circles, entertainment circles, and sometimes even in religious circles. The ministries of some who had Russians speak in their pulpits in the last 35 or 40 years have been ruined. Whole religious and political groups have been raised for one simple purpose; namely, to put in jeopardy or to put to an end the career of anyone who failed to agree with their prejudiced thinking about Russia.

Theodore Epp

In the 1930's, there still were a few horses and buggies around, and many farmers and ranchers depended for the most part on their horses. In those days, Mother and I utilized the services of one of our neighbors who had a team of mules each year when we began our one-acre gardening. In those days, too, my Grand Father, Obadiah Harrison, was taking care of his hillside farm just outside of Given, West Virginia, with his one-horse plow.

In those days, one Theodore Epp of "Back To The Bible Fame" went nationwide by means of radio and the printed page. In a climactic moment, he came forth with a most dramatic conclusion, "Russia's Doom Prophesied." Needless to say, he had been influenced by his understanding of C. I. Scofield's teaching, and he presumed that the world was then in "The Laodicean Period." Apparently it never entered the mind of Theodore Epp that all of this "Endtime Period Business" for the Church Age was nothing more nor less than the issue of some fanciful imagination on the part of some men such as J. A. Seiss, the Plymouth Brethren J. N. Darby, Archbishop Ussher, C. I. Scofield, and Clarence Larkin.

Later, in this 64 page book, Theodore Epp says in part, "First of all, I want to outline for you the order of events as they are given in God's Word. There are three great battles, not just one, mentioned in the Scripture which are still future. First, Russia and her satellites will battle with the Antichrist and his forces in Palestine, and there Russia will be defeated" (pp. 6-7).

He continues further, "I am not making bold statements and then looking for proof. Rather I have found this order of events mentioned in the Word again and again" (p. 8). What he really means, of course, is that he is just another voice or pen who is singing the praises of "The Scofield Notes." Most every line in the little volume is simply a repetition of what Scofield already had penned.

As though he were a voice for God in the midst of men -- maybe actually believing that he was -- Theodore Epp says, "The latest statistics available, from 1934, show Russia owns 70% of the horses in the whole world. Not only are the Russians breeding horses, but from all over the world they are buying them ... light, fast horses to be used for military purposes" (p. 29). Unless my calculations are just a bit off, today, in 1993, those horses would be rather old, if it is possible that they yet live!

Unnumbered thousands and perhaps even millions listened intently to all of Theodore Epp's words from his "Back To The Bible" broadcasts and supposed that if there really was a man of God on earth proclaiming the truth, that man was Theodore Epp! His RADIO BROADCAST was called "Back To The Bible," and there were many people who supposed that Theodore Epp and others who participated in his broadcasts were truly sending forth the Word of God in its purest form. In all of the years -- probably some 60 -- that I have known of the Back To The Bible broadcast, I have never heard anyone speak of Theodore Epp as a false prophet.

Yet, perhaps, in this year of 1993, we may need to inquire, where are those horses today? Did they ever descend upon Israel, as he was promising that they would? What is the state or the status of that "Evil Empire" in this very late year of 1993? Is it possible that Russia today could move against Israel and its very sophisticated war machine that America helps them keep in a state of very positive readiness?

It would appear that Theodore Epp was just another one of the false prophets. He, of course, is no longer with us. Even now, however, "The Back To The Bible" organization still promotes and perpetuates the teaching of Theodore Epp. It is quite probable that most of the millions who were deceived by his unscriptural Scofield teaching also are lying somewhere under a few feet of dirt, but new generations are still being influenced by his writings and his broadcast tapes. Satan, obviously, has been busy, and he still is seemingly very busy raising up new false prophets. Since Satan is "the prince and the power of the air" and "the god of this world," he doubtless will continue to succeed in deceiving multitudes of those who are called Christian as long as there are religious leaders who look to men such as J. A. Seiss and C. I. Scofield as their source of Scriptural information.

E. F. Webber

A little later, a Dr. E. F. Webber who has been widely famed both through his nationwide radio broadcasts and by means of his publications followed with his equally dramatic, "Russia And The Great Northern Conspiracy." On the frontispiece, he reproduces Soviet Russia's Stamp that was issued in 1930, showing horses and riders with "Red Flag flying" as they supposedly were on their way to attack Israel. Without any apparent conscience of wrong doing, E. F. Webber lay upon his listeners and his readers the prejudiced, "Any person who keeps up with current events knows that all Communists are traitors and liars" (p. 6)

I wonder why so many of the Pastors, Preachers, Professors, Priests, Prophets, and Evangelists in this very late day of this year of 1993 are calling upon the masses "to grease their greedy palms" with a little cash so they supposedly can take the Gospel to that "Evil Empire" of "traitors and liars"? He continues the above quote, "Eleven of the leading Communists [in that distant day, RW] in the United States, after an unprecedented trial in which the federal jurist, Judge Medina, exhibited an almost unbelievable degree of patience, have been sent to prison" (Ibid.). This, too, went forth by radio and the printed page.

Needless to say, many schemes rage!
The religious cry for the peoples' gifts!

E. F. Webber continues, "Today [the day of the writing of Russia And The Great Northern Conspiracy, RW] , the world is in a state of excited tension, with Russia having been preparing herself for the events prophesied in the passage of Scripture. The Chapter [Ezekiel 38 & 39, RW] declares all these things will happen in the latter times, the end time. Is it not plain to see that we are living in that end time? Most all real Bible students agree that we are living in the end time of this dispensation ... the coming of Christ is at hand. It is at the very door . . ." (p. 23). Needless to say, E. F. Webber is no longer among us. If I have been reading the news properly, I believe that I can say that Russia has not attacked Palestine. Further, we might note that today "The Great Northern Conspiracy" really is in no condition to attack anybody.


Concerning some of these supposed endtime details in which these false prophets delight to indulge, we have some interesting words as to their origin. Two whom we have earlier referenced are rather specific that C. I. Scofield and the notes in what has come to be known as "The Scofield Reference Bible" are their primary source of information regarding Russia's expected endtime attack upon the nation of Israel. One of these advises us:

In 1903 Dr. C. I. Scofield, the venerable old Bible scholar, described this promised blessing: "The book is so written that as the actual time of these events approach, the current events will unlock the meaning of the book." He pointed out that the Book of Revelation didn't have too much meaning to people a few centuries ago, and that for this reason very few people were willing to study its message. Revelation is written in such a way that its meaning becomes clear with the unfolding of current world events (Hal Lindsey, There's A New World Coming, Vision House Publishers, 1973. p. 21).

Soon thereafter in 1979, Jack Van Impe, together with another by the name of Roger F. Campbell, provides some additional information that is very much in accord with the above. In connection with the continuing concern that the false prophets have regarding Russia, we find him telling us:

Understanding this, historians and Bible students have been able to trace the movements of some of the tribes and know where their descendants can be found today. Using this system, the editors of the Scofield Reference Bible have furnished the following information about the names that concern us in the table of nations:

Magog -- "From Magog are descended the ancient Scythians or Tarters, whose descendants predominate in modern Russia ... ." Mesheck -- "Progenitor of a race mentioned in connection with Tubal, Magog, and other northern nations. Broadly speaking, Russia, excluding the conquests of Peter the Great and his successors, is the modern land of Magog, Tubal, and Mesheck."

The Scofield Reference Bible was published in 1909. These notes alone let us know that the identification of Russia as the main aggressor in Ezekiel's end-time battle is not the conclusion of prophetic opportunists ... (Jack Van Impe & Roger F. Campbell, Israel's Final Holocaust, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1979. pp. 132-133).

We could continue on almost endlessly with Lindberg's, "Russia In Prophecy," William W. Orr's, "What Will God Do With Russia?" and Clifton Brannon's, "Will Russia Rule The World?" Both word for word and line for line each one of these false prophets without exception share with us their allegiance to the unscriptural nonsense or details that have come to us from C. I. Scofield or the pens of those who have joined him in editing that which we know today as The Scofield Reference Bible.

There are many, many other such titles of books, booklets, and papers which have come from the presses of America, Canada, and England in the last 75 years, but we shall not make any attempt to elaborate upon them here. Regardless, however, in each one of them, we would find continuing evidence of that which we have noted already; namely, "All Church-Age Endtime Prophets Are False." This has been demonstrated. This is being demonstrated. And if the Scriptural logic persists and holds into the future, we may expect that those who follow us will discover that All Church-Age Endtime Prophets Tomorrow likewise will be shown to be false prophets.

Today, there is another most interesting phenomenon among some of these false prophets. Some of them are actually looking for ways to indulge in the false prophecy, but in a manner that will preclude their being called "false prophets." They plan to provide us with their supposed "endtime signs," but they want them to be understood in such a way that if they do not happen to come to pass, they will not be held accountable as "false prophets." They want us to suppose that they are wise men speaking for God. In reality, and in truth, however, they are simply greedy and materialistic sensationalists who are in the business of attempting to rob "a few more widows and orphans" and any of the affluent whom they can deceive with what we may call their unscriptural and false prophecy that is nothing more than gobble-de-gook!

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