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Why All Church-Age Endtime 
Prophets are False
Ray Waugh, Sr.1915-1995

Part V
Famed False Prophets

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Jack Van Impe

In a booklet published in 1976, Jack Van Impe gives us these endtime signs, "The Energy Crisis [you may recall, we had just come through some rather drastic gasoline shortages in 1973-1974, RW], Famine, Immorality, Liquor and Drugs, and Terrorism" (What In The World Is Happening?" 1976. pp. 29-36). In connection with the latter point, he has this to say, "God's Word is beginning to unfold before our eyes. Judgment is about to fall for all of the 'rottenness' that runs rampant in our beloved land. If it does not commence in 1976, I have no doubt that unbelievable calamities will occur before 1980. It could easily be the predicted Tribulation hour" (Ibid. p. 37). Needless to say, in this year of 1993, he is proven to be a false prophet. Nevertheless, he continues on with ever-new and ever-changing "endtime signs."

This one has become famed in recent years as "A Prophet for Our Time." Jack Van Impe's "deep throated announcer" is bold to declare, "Jack Van Impe, renowned prophecy scholar and producer of powerful videos on Russia and America" on what people speak of as Christian radio and Christian television. Needless to say, he has exploited happenings in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Germany and a dozen other places on his ever-changing "prophetic agenda."

In 1979, he gave us these endtime signs, "False Christís, Wars and Rumours of wars, Famine and Pestilenceís [In this connection, he references Dr. Paul Erlich, Department of Agriculture, saying, "The world will literally run out of food by 1984." RW], Earthquakes, When Planets Align [In this connection, he says, "As the nine planets of our solar system align themselves in 1982, their gravitational pull may cause huge storms on the sun. These could alter wind direction, rainfall and temperature patterns, affect the earth's rotation and cause great earthquakes" He quotes John Gribbin of Britain's Nature Magazine" and Stephen Plagemann, NASA's Goddard Space Center, as his authorities. RW], and Iniquity Shall Abound" (Signs of The Times, 1979. pp. 13 - 18).

Jack Van Impe apparently forgot what he had said in 1976, or he may have figured that the people would not know any better, or that God may have changed His Mind! Needless to say, each time this man has opened his mouth as a prophet in the last twenty years and a little more, he has been something other than a "renowned prophecy scholar." He has been proven to be a false prophet time and time again, but the fact that he lies to the millions who listen to him never seems to embarrass him. Sadly, those who succumb before him apparently find some measure of delight in his unscriptural "Endtime Signs"; that is, if they have any memory of what he has said previously. As Jeremiah indicated, "the prophets lie," and "the people love to have it so."

Though he boasts of being "a walking Bible," he obviously has never been able to comprehend the truth that THERE ARE NO ENDTIME SIGNS FOR THE CHURCH AGE! He apparently has never understood the words of the Apostle Paul, "The Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom" (I Cor. 1:22). He perhaps just does not care what God thinks as long as he can get the people to continue to contribute to his false prophecy and thereby provide for his continuing survival as one of the more famed of the so-called evangelists of our day. His dear, faithful, and lovely wife, Rexella, apparently has no conscience either regarding his false "endtime signs" and his false "endtime prophecies"! As all other false prophets of This Church Age, Jack Van Impe must continuously show his distaste for and his unbelief in the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:36, in order to continue as he has for all of these years.

Cannot they remember their words?
Or is it that they really do not care!

Thousands of others have done just as those whom we have referenced above. All who have taken it upon themselves with what they often are wont to call "endtime signs" or "endtime prophecies for "The Church Age" show themselves to be enemies of Christ and to be enemies of the Word of God. Each time they have done so, they have been proven to be false prophets. There is no exception. All of them have failed to grasp the impact or the import of the Words of Jesus, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only" (Mt. 24:36).

It would seem that after almost 1900 years in which men have had an opportunity to read the Word of God that they would be able to realize exactly what Jesus was saying. Namely, first, no man can know the time of His Return. Second, the angels do not know the time of His Return. And third, Jesus Himself explains that even He does not know the time of His Return.

How do men believe man's nonsense?
When, the words of Jesus are so clear?

First, we note that these words of Jesus are most exact in whatever translation or version we might desire to read them, and I have studied them in some 40 versions and translations. We may speak of them as being ABSOLUTE! Secondly, some of these have been available to most of these false prophets. We can know, therefore, that just as C. I. Scofield chose not to believe the word of Jesus; so, apparently, all of the many "Church-Age Endtime Prophets" who have followed, whether in the early centuries or in ours, have likewise refused to believe or purposefully determined not to believe the words of Jesus.

God has provided, no "endtime signs"!
Only foolish men, give His Return time!

There is no end, however, to their greed or to their unconscionable sensationalismís which they use without any real evidence of a Christian conscience. They obviously indulge their fantasy in order to deceive all of those who are so much of the flesh that the falsehoods of men become their desired excitement diet. This, doubtless, is one of the reasons that sordid novels of every sort stay at the top of the "Best Seller Lists" year after year. The masses of the world, whether in America, in some other industrial nation, or even among some of those in what are known as "The Third World Nations" obviously commit themselves to the world of the fictional. Then, the multitudes pick up on their fictions and find their greatest delight in them.

Though Jack Van Impe claims to be one of the more knowledgeable Christians and Television Evangelists of our time, it is apparent that he does not care at all for Scriptural Truth. Despite what we have noted above as absolute proof that this man is one of the foremost of the false prophets of our time, on August 31, 1992, I received in the mail his most recent letter and brochures purportedly providing some final details concerning the end of time, as we know it. On pages one and two of this letter which is headed, "ONE WORLD ... ONE GOVERNMENT ... ONE ECONOMY ... ONE RELIGION ... ONE RULER ... THE ANTICHRIST!" we find these words:

Beloved, there's no doubt about it. The revived Roman Empire (or European Community) comes to power January 1, 1993. The panorama of end-time prophecy is unfolding BEFORE OUR VERY EYES! Get ready for a rapid rush of world-changing developments that begin mankind's inescapable march to the end of this age! ... Yes, the Antichrist will emerge very soon now. ... In January 1993, the European Community (E.C.) comes to power, bringing with it a unified global monetary system that lacks just one thing more to really prosper -- a single leader to direct it.

Prophetic texts make it inescapably clear that this person will be the man called the Beast, the eleventh horn, and the Antichrist (see Revelation 13:1, Daniel 7:8, and I John 2:22). PERSONALLY I BELIEVE HE IS ALIVE, WAITING IN THE WINGS, PREPARING TO TAKE CONTROL! [Van Impe's emphasis, RW] ... I am absolutely convinced that we are in the final countdown stages inevitably leading up to that horrendous battle the Bible calls Armageddon.

Then, on pages two and three of this same letter, he introduces what he speaks of as his and Rexella's "powerful new video titled THE E.C. ANTICHRIST, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, AND THE COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON." He continues, "In this new release, we incorporated documents from more than 20 authoritative volumes and 200 international publications [Perhaps 'authorities' such as those whom he quoted above! RW] that provide answers to your most perplexing questions about HOW--AND WHEN--ANTICHRIST WILL COME TO POWER [emphasis, Van Impe's, RW]."

Along with this letter, there is his very colorful brochure, "THE E.C. ANTICHRIST." He gives some 30 reasons why everyone should want to have a copy of this video and also a copy for one's Church library, for Bible Study, or as a gift. We make note of a few of Jack Van Impe's dramatic reasons why everyone should desire a copy of this video:

(1) What the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Club of Rome have in common, 

(2) The length of a generation (see Matthew 24:34) [Needless to say, he has had to change his thinking just a bit beyond those 40-year generations from the re-ordering of Israel in 1948 that were much in vogue in the 1960's, the 1970's, and even into the early 1980's. RW], 

(3) The mystery of September 1999 [If we have any memory at all, we will recall the mystery of 1843 and 1844 of which we have spoken, along with the mystery of 1988 and 1989 to which we shall speak later. RW] ... 

(10) The final planning stages for: one citizenry, one high court, one central bank, one common currency, one mark, one logo, and one economic central system. 

(11) The 2,553-year miracle. 

(12) The world's final army forming. ... 

(16) Where are George Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger taking us?

 (17) Pope John Paul II's plans and goals for the New World Order. ... 

(22) Brussels rules the world. ... 

(29) The covenant with death and hell. 

(30) Armies from the North, South, East, and West are presently forming for largest showdown in history.

Jack Van Impe concludes this Brochure with the following prophecy, "Sure to be a BEST-SELLER! ORDER TODAY! For your ministry gift of $20 or more." Then, on page four, toward the end of the letter mentioned above, we have these words, "Let us know you share our vision and sense of urgency in proclaiming the truth about the endtime and the gospel of salvation to all who will hear. Whether you send a one-time gift of $20 or more or decide to begin your partnership program --- we'll send you the video entitled THE E.C. ANTICHRIST, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, AND THE COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON upon request."

Then, on page one of the "Jack Van Impe Ministries International" letter of September/October 1990, we find these words, "At 4:00 p.m. on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of Independence of Israel, and his words were broadcast from Tel Aviv Museum to the world." On page 2 of the same letter, we find:

Jesus said, 'Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled' (Matthew 24:34).

How long is a generation? A mathematical genius just proved to me that it's 47.523 or almost 48 years. (See the July/August Perhaps Today magazine which will explain this exciting truth.) By comparing Old Testament accounts recording the number of generations between certain events with ancient historical records which give dates for those same events, we can calculate the approximate length of a generation to be almost 48 years.

Do you realize what this means? Israel became a nation again in 1948 -- 42 years ago! If the generation which witnessed this event will not pass away until the End-Time prophecies are fulfilled -- how much time do you think could possibly be left? Jesus' coming is so near ... any time now -- PERHAPS TODAY!

Is it not a circumstance almost beyond belief that this man, Jack Van Impe, who had judgment falling in 1976 or before 1980 and the Tribulation beginning then, the man who had the planets aligning in 1982 and chaos coming to the Sun and the Earth, and the man who had the world running out of food by 1984 now -- in 1993 -- has a whole new set of sensational endtime situations and circumstances? With his 1990 letter and his recalculation of "a generation," we find that he now is giving us an endtime date of 1996. But do the false prophets or the gullible and unthinking masses who eagerly await his every new sensationalism ever learn? Apparently not!

Some believed False Prophecy in 1843!
And came back to believe it also in 1844!

Many of those middle-aged and older ones who were deceived by Jack Van Impe's earlier endtime sensationalismís in the 1970's and the 1980's doubtless have departed this life. Nevertheless, as one who was very much involved in circuses in another day indicated, in every generation there is a whole new world of those who delight in being deceived. It is quite probable, therefore, that as multitudes bought his false prophecies years ago, so there will be multitudes who today will happily buy his "new false prophecies."

Ed Hindson Explains

A couple of years ago, one by the name of Ed Hindson had a most interesting bit of information to share with us. In what is called his "Commentary" that is titled, "The End Is near ... Or Is It?," he begins, "'A Revelation in the Middle East,' examined the possibility that the current crisis in the Persian Gulf may be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Such prominent evangelicals as Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, and Jack Van Impe were cited along with Brooklyn Rabbi Manachem Schneerson, leader of the radical orthodox Lubavitchers . . ." Then, he concludes, "Too much wild-eyed speculation could eventually discredit the essential gospel message we are called to proclaim. Remember, Van Impe himself was certain the Soviet flag would fly over Independence hall in Philadelphia by 1976 . . ." (World, Volume 5, Number 26, November 24, 1990. p. 12).

Truly, Jesus may come today, just as He could have come 1850 years ago and more, but His Coming will not be the issue or the result of Jack Van Impe's unscriptural calculations or Jack Van Impe's unscriptural signs. Remember, if you will, that the Apostle Paul explains that unbelieving Jews in his day "required or sought for signs," I Cor. 1:22. In all honesty, we should be able to realize that Jesus may not come again for 50 years, 500 years, 5,000, or perhaps not even for 500,000 years, as men count time. From Genesis through the Book of Revelation, I have never been able to find that God ever had to be in a hurry!

As we have indicated before, and as we shall indicate again, THERE ARE NO ENDTIME SIGNS FOR THE CHURCH AGE! Jesus could have returned sometime during the closing years of that first century. He could have returned during any subsequent century, And He may come before we ever come to the end of this sentence or conclude this paragraph. Therefore, we can know that all who come to us with "endtime signs" for this Church Age are out of touch with God. Consequently, we can know, too, that they are out of touch with the Lord Jesus Christ who provided us the word in Matthew 24:36. Likewise, they are out of touch with the Spirit of God, as well as the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit of God has provided for us!

Hal Lindsey

Men, however, and that tragically, persist in their sensationalismís and thereby make merchandise of the Word of God as hirelings. Too, they make fools of the gullible and deceived masses who have no better sense than to suppose these false prophets have some information that is not available to them. Hal Lindsey with more than 30 printings of his book, "The Late Great Planet Earth" that he published in 1970 has made his multiplied millions. But his money or his wealth or his esteem does not preclude him being a false prophet. On page 16 of this volume, he tells us, "'The Future' is big business." He doubtless has found it to be so, as the millions of dollars have "continued to come rolling in"! Therefore, it really is not too surprising that he continues to play upon the gullibility and the ignorance of the masses over whom he has some continuing influence with an ever-changing set of "new false prophecies" concerning the end!.

Too, he doubtless has found considerable delight in continuing to participate in the billions that he advises us are being spent each year by gullible people on "clairvoyants, gypsies, faith healers, seers and prophets" (p. 16). Being one of their number, he doubtless is an enemy of the Cause of the Lord Jesus Christ and especially of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, as one of the redeemed, he doubtless "will split his galluses and go straight up" when he dies, as A. D. Muse used to say!

Jeremiah even specifies that it is the people of God ["My People"] who delight in false prophecy. I guess, then, that very little has changed in the intervening 2,500 years and more since Jeremiah wrote. Without a doubt, it is the people of God today who are promoting and who then are perpetuating the false prophets of our day with their substance and sometimes even with their souls [lives]! And it is highly probable that most of those who have shown themselves to be false prophets, and most of those who are showing themselves to be false prophets in our day really are believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and have experienced NEW BIRTH! Since it is rather obvious that most of them have believed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, we can know that they are members of the redeemed host.

How can they, then, thus lie endlessly?
The Devil and his demons are mighty!

In his subheading, "Putting It Together," we find Hal Lindsey giving us some of his "endtime signs." It is evident that He -- as the others -- has had no regard for Matthew 24:36. It is most graphically evident even now that he has no regard for Matthew 24:36. Rather, he continues to exploit millions of Christians who are his gullible masses. He regularly and tragically deceives them with his supposed prophecies of the endtime. Hear his own words, and hear them carefully:

We have seen how current events are fitting together simultaneously into the precise pattern of predicted events. Israel has returned to Palestine and revived the nation. Jerusalem is under Israeli control. Russia has emerged as a great northern power and is the avowed enemy of revived Israel. The Arabs are joining in a concerted effort to liberate Palestine under Egyptian leadership. The Black Africans are beginning to move from sympathy toward the Arabs to an open alliance in their 'liberation' cause.

It's happening. God is putting it all together. God may have His meaning for the 'now generation' which will have a greater effect on mankind than anything since Genesis 1 . . ." (Ibid. p. 80).

He said all of this and much more in 1970. It may sound as though Hal Lindsey is providing us with some unsullied wisdom, perhaps from the very Altar of God on High. We may be assured, nonetheless, that seeming or apparent wisdom is nothing but HOT AIR. Without too much difficulty, we should be able to realize that this "Hot Air" is spewing forth from a very vivid -- sadly deceived -- and perhaps even a very, very sick imagination!

Then, in 1980, Hal Lindsey came forth with another volume. On the back cover of the 1981 paper back edition, he says, "We are the generation the prophets were talking about! We have witnessed Biblical prophecies come true." Very simply, he is telling us that Jesus could not have returned in that first century. He is telling us that those Apostles who looked for Him then did not know what they were doing. He says further, "The Bible fortells [sic] the signs that precede Armageddon" and "We are the generation that will see the end times ... and the return of Jesus" ("The 1980's: Countdown To Armageddon," 1981. Back Cover of paperback edition.).

Then, there is a bit of a conflict between the back cover and pages 11 through 14 inside the book. On the back cover, we find, "The rebirth of Israel, The decline of American power and morality, The rise of Russian and Chinese might, The threat of war in the Middle East, and The increase of earthquakes, volcanoes, famine and drought." On pages 11-14, we find, "The Rebirth of Israel, The Arab-Moslem Confederacy, The Rise of the Soviet Union, The Rise of Red China, and The Revival of The Roman Empire" (Ibid.). He apparently had forgotten what he had said in 1970.

In connection with the last point, he says, "I believe this man [the Antichrist] is alive today -- alive and waiting to come forth" (Ibid. p. 15). Also, in connection with the last point, he explains, "Thus we have all five pieces of the prophets' scenario for the latter days. All the powers -- Israel, the Arabs, Russia, China and the revived Roman Empire -- are fixed in place" (Ibid.). He also gives us seven "Birth Pains" that supposedly have laid the groundwork for that which is immediately above, "Religious Deception, International Revolution, War, Famines, Earthquakes, Plagues, and Strange Events in The Skies" (Ibid. pp. 20-32).

Put it down, Hal Lindsey is another one of the false prophets of our time. It is no marvel, then, that he has Armageddon in the 1990's, since he supposed that the Antichrist was alive and well on the earth in 1970. Some of the prophetic detail that Hal Lindsey provides us reminds me of "The Russian Horses" of Theodore Epp that we shall reference a little further along.

Let me make a suggestion for everyone who may have occasion to peruse that which I am "penning"! Make yourself a note and post it somewhere so that you will be able to see it each and every day, and at least once in every hour of every day. He may be posing as a messenger of Almighty God with a message from on High! Believe me, dear one, he is not a messenger of God with respect to "endtime prophecy"! Let that note which you pen read: EVERY TIME HAL LINDSEY COMES FORTH WITH ENDTIME SIGNS FOR THE CHURCH AGE, HE DEMONSTRATES THAT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET. Let your note indicate, also, that Hal Lindsey is an enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and an enemy, too, of The Holy Word of our Almighty God!

Pat Robertson

How widespread is such unscriptural prophesying? We turn for a moment to a man who has run for President of these United States, one by the name of Pat Robertson. Even in this year of 1993, he has continued to be rather prominent in the political realm in that he had a very special place in the National Convention of the Republicans that was held in Houston, Texas, in 1992. In what Pat Robertson has designated as, "Special Issue: Prophetic Insights for The 'Decade of Destiny," we find some most interesting words:

Note these facts bringing history in conformity with prophecy: In 1975 Ethiopia fell to communism; in 1979 the Shah of Iran fell and, probably before 1980 ends, Iran will be a Soviet puppet; Somalia is a Marxist country and Libya tilts to the Soviets; Mideast oil is the key to world domination; the Soviets have moved 200,000 troops to Afghanistan. . .

The coming Middle East war is an absolute certainty, as is the destruction of the Soviet Union. All available economic and military intelligence pinpoints 1982 as the optimum time for such a Soviet strike. ... [Emphasis, RW].

In June 1967 Israel captured East Jerusalem. The Chief Rabbi went to the Wailing Wall and blew the shofar, the ancient ram's-horn trumpet. Counting ten years from this blowing of trumpets in 1967, we find Egyptian President Sadat journeying to Jerusalem in 1977 and declaring, ' We agree to live at peace with you.'

For the next five years, a time of grace, the Israelis work out and amplify the peace, and there is an incredible final spiritual harvest throughout the Gentile world as millions are added to the kingdom of God. During the fifth year, in 1982, Russia strikes Israel, is defeated, and for seven years Israel makes symbolic offerings by fire of Russian war materiel. [Emphasis, RW]. These seven years are a transition period for Israel and the world. On the eighth year, there begins a new era -- a new beginning -- for Israel and for the world ("Pat Robertson's Perspective," A special report to members of the 700 Club, February/March 1980. pp. 3 & 5)!

Is it not somewhat amazing that there is no mention of Iraq in any of his "endtime prophesying" at this time? We note his words, "All available economic and military intelligence pinpoints 1982 as the optimum time for such a Soviet strike." If I am reading my calendar correctly, we seem to be in the year of our Lord, 1993. It would seem to me that we are more than ten years beyond the anticipated fulfillment of this supposed Biblical prophecy that a highly respected member of "the clergy" and "the professional world" put forth as truth!

Millions, yet contribute to "Pat's Cause"!
What darkness is on "deceived hearts"!

This, however, is not the conclusion of the matter. In that same "Perspective," we find these further words, "During the fifth year, in 1982, Russia strikes Israel, is defeated, and for seven years Israel makes symbolic offerings by fire of Russian war materiel. These seven years are a transition period for Israel and the world. On the eighth year [1990, perhaps? RW], there begins a new era -- a new beginning -- for Israel and for the world."

Perhaps, we may surmise that his calculations seem to be just a bit out of line with respect to that which has happened and that which is happening. Yet, many thousands of gullible and well-educated people paid millions of dollars for this information. Not only that! Even though not a word that he had in his Perspective was true, millions of these who heard the early lies are continuing to contribute to this false prophet, supposing he is speaking for God! "What fools, we mortals are"!

Jeremiah spoke with much wisdom!
The prophets lie, and, people love it!

Did I hear someone say that Pat Robertson, then, must be a false prophet? Certainly, none of that which he was saying in his Perspective of February and March of 1980 has come to pass. Still, his "Christian Broadcasting Network" has grown by leaps and bounds. Too, as I have noted, he was rather prominently displayed by the Republicans when they had their Convention in Houston. It may be that he has been living by that "circus maxim," "There is a sucker born every minute."

Does one such as this differ at all from those false prophets of Old Testament times whom God regularly indicted as enemies of His Cause? As Jeremiah once wept, so perhaps you and I should be weeping today because "the priests [pastors, preachers, professors, and prophets, along with the evangelists, RW] have been giving themselves to lying, and my people love to have it so"! Men are following men, and it seems that they give themselves to seeing who can come forth with the most palatable sensationalismís with which they can deceive another great host of people. Some call them Christian and suppose that they have the healing power of God in their hands and in their prayers -- that they sometimes pray for a price! It may be that these are getting some of their impetus or their "inspiration" from some place other than the Word of God and from the Spirit of God. Remember, Jesus once called a saved Peter, "Satan"! Is it possible that He may be doing much the same to these who have been and who are indulging in false prophecy?

A most interesting letter, "FROM THE DESK OF PAT ROBERTSON," accompanied the above noted "Perspective." In this letter to those multiplied thousands who were contributing to his "personal cause," there were these words, "Here is the special issue of my PERSPECTIVE newsletter you requested. I hope it provides you with information you can use as you prepare for the 1980's, the 'Decade of Destiny' for America and the world." Need any more be said? Perhaps not! Another false prophet spoke, and millions stood with him in his desperate travesty against The Holy and The Blessed Word of our Living God which our Lord Jesus had declared so clearly in Matthew 24:36.

Yet, day in and day out, this man presents himself as a man of integrity and as a man of God to the millions who regularly tune in to his radio and television broadcasts. His appeals for the millions of dollars that are needed to keep his religious organization afloat go forth as though he is a man of God who can be trusted. Still, we must inquire, can a man who has come under the indictment of Jeremiah really be trusted?

Now that Pat Robertson is very heavily involved in the legal field, it may be that many of those who today are just simple Christians may one day have to contend with him and his power in the realm of jurisprudence. Apparently, he and some of those who labor with him in this area of human expertise are making some rather big plans to become involved in attempting to do the will of God through the process of suits and counter-suits. It would seem that this false prophet is not manifesting much Scriptural wisdom concerning "taking wrong" and leaving the issues in our Almighty God's Hands.

Surely, Jeremiah spoke with great wisdom!

Presbyterian Survey

In the October, 1980, issue of Presbyterian Survey, we find this headline, "Doomsday Tomorrow? Two Leaders Predict It." From the Religious News Service out of New York, this publication gives us, "Pat Robertson, the TV evangelist, maintains that the Common Market of Western Europe is the beast with seven heads and 10 horns referred to in the Book of Revelation, and that 'the anti-Christ' will emerge from it." They continue on, "If his dating is 'even close,' Robertson said, 'then we must conclude that there is a man alive today, approximately 27 years old, who is now being groomed to be the Satanic Messiah.'"

Then, in the same article on page 32 of Presbyterian Survey, we read, "According to Lindsey, the last seven years of history are beginning [remember, this is in 1980. RW] and 'will culminate with the worst war the world has ever seen, and the Messiah Jesus will come back and stop it and bring about world peace.' That would be the 'millennium,' a thousand year reign by Christ spoken of in Revelation" (Ibid.)

1987 has come -- and gone!
Yet, Robertson and Lindsey!

Those who have tuned in to "Lindsey's broadcasts" and to "Pat Robertson's broadcasts" in recent years are aware, of course, that they have had to rework their "endtime signs" and their "endtime prophetic agenda" several times. The "endtime prophecies" that have poured from the lips of these men that their masses sat on the edges of their seats to hear have been proven to be false -- not once in awhile, but each and every time they have put forth another prophecy!

These masses who have labored to pick up on everyone of their supposedly "earth shaking endtime prophecies" may have supposed that they were getting "Words" of Wisdom." What they were getting, of course, was a little more "Hot Air, but the people apparently "delighted in having it so." Not just once have these men proven themselves to be false prophets. Rather, they have done it time after time, and time after time! Not one of their "endtime signs" or their "endtime prophecies" concerning the end of "The Church Age" has ever come to pass, and none of their "endtime prophecies" is coming to pass.

It's a most tragic, and a dark day!
Many, continue falling at their feet!

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