Raymond Arthur Waugh, Sr.
A Journey in Writing

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Radio Broadcast
Living by/in Faith
San Antonio, Texas
November 10, 1946
Ray Waugh, Sr.
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Station Announcement

"My Singing Hope Is Jesus'


Hello there -- isn't it a grand and glorious feeling to rise with the birds and to lift the voice in song before we begin the day? A day on the job, or down at the office or for you, mother, there at home will never be the same if you'll try the Bird remedy oh, we're not advocating any bird seed for breakfast ~ but we do recommend a song suchas our first number

"He Keeps Me Singing."

The author of our next song began to wander from the pathway' of right into the byways of sin in his later years. His fellowshipxx owship with God was broken, and he became very unhapp, and troubled in spirit so decided to travel to relieve his mind. In the stage coach in which he began his travels he met a young lady who liked the hymn he'd come posed and pressed him for his opinion of the words, not knowing that he had written it It wasn't long until h.e he sobbed, "I am the poor unhappy man who wrote that hymn many years ago. I- ~ I -- would give a thousand worlds to enjoy the feelings I had then." The young Christian lady reminded him that the abed stream of mercy was still flowing freely. We,too, may know this and ever cry out in our distresses,

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

"I Met The Master Face to Face,''

"I had walked life's path with an easy tread,

Had followed where comfort and pleasure led;

And then, one day, in a quiet place, I met the Master Face to Face.

I had built my castles and reared them high, Till their towers pierced the blue of the sky,

I had rowed to rule with an iron mace, When I met the master face to face

I met m and knew Him, and blushed to see, That eyes full of sorrow were turned on me,

And I filtered, and fell at His s Feet that day, While all my castles melted away

And now my thought are for the soul of men, I've lost my life to find it again.

E're since that day in a quiet place. I met the Maaster Face to Face.

"Jesus Revealed in Me."

One of the most thrilling of scientific romances is thestory of the discovery of the planet Neptune, one of the most distant planets, as related by Prof. Newcomb. Up to that time the planet Uranus,discovered some 60 years before had been regarded as the outer-most of the planets. The study of Uranus by the Atronomers, however, revealed certain movement which could not be accounted for by any of the then known laws. ThesE men began to wonder if another planet might not be responsible, SO they began figuring, using known mathematics. They came to the conclusion that such was the case and determined where it might be found. Soon they were TRUNING their great telescopes toward a particular sector and peering intently and anxiously into the heavens. Finally, early one morning a student astronomer looked again and the planet swam into view. These had faith in the known mathematical truths and profited. We, too, can profit by having faith not only in the laws of the Universe but also in the Creator and sustainer of the Universe --God, who instituted all known and unknown physical and moral and spiritual laws.

"Have Faith In God"

It's been good to come your way this morning and we hope the day will be a little brighter for you and the tasks just a little easier because of the song in your heart. Then, won't you pass it on bhe to the heart of another in order to bring an endless stream of joy to those in need. Until... we meet again. Goodbye...

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