Raymond Arthur Waugh, Sr.
A Journey in Writing

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Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

God (Trinity)
God’s Peace Can Be Ours
Heart of Texas Hymn
Jesus Savior
Jesus Walked Among Men
Look Up May I
May I
My Jesus
Only Then Plow In Hope
Sunset and Sunrise
Take Heart
Tall, Tall City
Wonderful Savior
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Using Father's Poems
Poems by his mother and friend

Hattie Alice Waugh
The Savior
Christ, The Savior, Is My Refuge

Helen Fraser
A Mother’s Request


May I
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

May I, as I trod earth’s wearisome road,
   Whether up the grade or down;
Bear with a smile the heavy load,
   And never give way to a frown.

May I, as I follow the light which I see,
   Whether young or well on in years;
Be as one who is consciously free;
   One vitally alive, and without fears.

May I, as I search for life’s dim lights
   Among earth’s quick-changing forms;
Hold to the Christ as the ageless right
   Of one who is truly reborn.

May I, at last, at the end of earth’s years,
   With God’s Angel calling me in,
Lay down the fleshly cloak, I poorly wear,
   And put on the one without sin.

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Father's 70th Bonfire

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Take Heart
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

When the sky of life seems darkened
   By the clouds that line your way;
When earth’s shadows have deepened,
   And the day isn’t quite so gay;
Take Heart!!

Lift your eyes to the blue above you,
   Look around at the firmament;
Put off the shutters, see life anew;
   And, knowing that God is living yet,
Take Heart!

Come out of your shell of self-importance,
   Gaze at the derelicts sweeping by;
Put forth the hand of faith and comfort,
   And say to those who, in anguish, cry,
Take Heart!

By laboring thus for another’s life,
   You’ll fulfill the Master’s Love;
And, in the midst of all your strife,
   You’ll hear Him saying from above,
"Take Heart"!

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Only Then
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

God tells us of a wondrous and beautiful Tomorrow.
   God tells us that His Righteousness shall prevail.
God tells us that He will put an end to Sorrow.
  God tells us that all, then, will be well.

Until then, Paul "will leave Trophimus at Miletus ill."
   Until then, "for his stomach," Timothy "will take some wine."
Until then, those who are saved will seek God’s Will.
   Until then, our cry must be, "Not my will, but thine."

Only then will there be true surcease from pain.
   Only then will tears, as God tells us, be dried.
Only then will God’s Son, "as the sun," shine among men.
   Only then will the Church Jesus built be "Triumphant Bride."

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


God’s Peace Can Be Ours
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

The peace that God gives is far better than gold;
   A blessing unbounded that n’er can be told;
The myst’ry of love from the Savior on High,
   A joy for us now, if we live or we die!

The world cannot offer a hope to compare;
   Its riches are tinsel, its goods are poor ware.
Yet Jesus now offers us life from above;
   The truth of His Grace, and His promise of love.

Though I, as a sinner, do travel earth’s way;
   My soul is secure in this piteous day.
The Lord provides hope in the midst of earth’s death.
   His Peace is my joy, as I draw this life’s breath.

The Word of our God is both simple and sure;
   A message of love that can make life secure.
He gives us true peace, and His Hope evermore,
   When we in true faith, open up our heart’s door.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Jesus Savior
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

Jesus Savior, hear my humble plea;
   Life is so burdened that I can hardly see.
Darkness descends, and the way grows drear;
   Yet, with you at my side, I’ve no fear!

Earthly wisdom, now, I turn aside;
    Conscious at last of the folly of my pride.
Turning my eyes to the heights of Heaven’s Plains;
    Seeing now that to die is to gain!

We mortals need your Word of Love;
   Message of power that’s inspired from above.
Gospel of life, that You died, and then arose;
   Victor over sin and all of Your foes.

Walking with you will be life eternally.
   With Your Hand in mine, there’ll be no cause to flee;
Living or dying, my hope is Your Command.
   All my faith and my joy is in Your Hands.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Jesus Walked Among Men
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

Jesus walked among men,
Helping men see their sin;
With compassion, He gave of His Love;
Then His Words, He designed,
That the lost He might win;
Pointing them toward God’s Heaven above.

Human hatred decreed,
That Christ hang on a cross;
Yet, He died there for you and for me;
Suffering sin’s bitter cost,
He endured all our loss;
Broke sin’s chain that He might set us free.

When our life here is o’er,
Jesus waits at the door,
Of God’s glorious City so fair.
There we’ll bask in the glow of His Love evermore;
And for e’re we shall dwell with Him There.

This is God’s Word divine,
That He sends from on high;
A clear message of heavenly love;
Sinful souls may believe, and on Jesus rely;
And have faith for the journey above.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


My Jesus
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

My Jesus, I love you so true;
   I would be without hope, but for you.
May the theme of my life ever be,
   Love alone for the lost, and for thee!

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The lost are in need of your grace,
   And a smile from your tear-stained face.
Then, their faith in Your death on the cross,
   Will redeem them from endless loss.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Tall, Tall City
Midland, Texas-1976
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

There’s a tall, tall city in Texas,
   A place of some fame and renown;
An Island of green in the desert,
   Whose people’s hearts are full grown.

God’s blessings are seemingly present
   In many homes, businesses and farms;
Even in times of trial and trouble,
   He has kept our fair city from harm.

Tall City businesses evidence progress,
   Flourishing shops tell our story, too;
The Churches of our famed Tall City
  Speak of folk with a message of truth.

Midland partook in America’s 200th,
   Though her years are just a few less;
Yet, America’s hope for tomorrow,
  As ours, must be that God will bless.

Come, then, Tall City West Texans,
   Swing the door to strangers open wide;
Tell all who will hear of Midland
   To sing our City’s praises far and wide!

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


The Savior
Hattie A. Waugh
A poem penned for me. Ray Waugh, Sr., by my Mother, Hattie A. Waugh, shortly before she departed these earthly shores.

Into the garden, He went to pray;
   Jesus who loved us on that dark day;
Facing our trials, trouble and woe,
   Willing to die because He loved so.

Hailed before sinners, Savior of men;
   Feeling their hatreds, bearing their sin;
Taking their anger and their vile lash,
   Ready to suffer whate’re they asked.

He carried His cross up Calvary’s Road;
   Facing earth’s darkness, bearing their load;
Hanged on Golgotha that we might see,
   That He was dying for you and me.

Rising in body, God’s Loving Son;
   Vict’ry o’er darkness then had been won;
Living forever free of sin’s pain,
   Breaking for aye, the power of sin’s chain.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Christ The Savior Is My Refuge
Hattie A. Waugh [now in Heaven]

The following poem was provided for me by my sainted Mother some time before she departed these shores. Having lost her husband three days before my Sister was born -- born the day that he was buried. Thankfully, I can look back and rejoice God gave me her 65 whole years.

Christ the Savior is my refuge,
As I walk the narrow way,
And I know if He dost lead me,
I can never lose the way.
He will guide me through the valley,
When all fear and pain are past;
With the Savior for my leader,
I shall be with Him at last.

Though the way be steep and stony,
Fraught with care, I’ll kneel and pray;
Knowing that His strong arms hold me,
And protect against That Day.
Come and follow in His footsteps,
And though the way sometimes be drear,
He will not forsake nor leave thee,
If you call, He will be near.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Wonderful Savior
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

Somewhere beyond the gentle water’s flow;
   Somewhere beyond the twinkling stars;
Somewhere there is a love I can know
   Somewhere, somewhere, but not very far.

Wonderful Savior, I sing anew each hour;
   Though I am weak, all-sufficient is His Power;
When I was lost, Jesus’ love and grace came down;
   And saved my soul; O, what peace and joy
I’ve found!
Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Plow In Hope
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.
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When we plow in hope,
   We turn spiritual ground;
When we plow in hope,
   Then the lost will be found!

When we plow in hope,
   We do more than plod;
When we plow in hope,
   We labor with our God!

When we plow in hope,
   We answer God’s Call;
When we plow in hope,
   We give Him our all!

When we plow in hope,
   We plant the seed of God;
When we plow in hope,
   We see the harvest of God!

When we plow in hope,
   The Son of God is our light;
When we plow in hope,
   God makes everything right!

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  Uncle Dallas - West Virginia

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Look Up
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

Look up when the world seems drear;
   Look up when the world’s full of sin;
Look up when danger seems to be near;
   Look up! In the Lord Jesus, we’ll win!

Look up when all seems to be lost;
   Look up when the heart’s full of fear;
Look up regardless of the cost;
   Look up! The blessed Savior is near!

Look up when pressures are heavy;
   Look up when all we do seems to fail;
Look up though dim or dark the way;
   Look up! Our gracious God is real!

Look up when dark clouds are ahead;
   Look up when all hope seems to wane;
Look up when there’s nothing but dread;
   Look up! Our Savior is coming again!

Look up whatever the day may bring;
   Look up whatever the trial may be;
Look up Jesus will help us to sing;?
   Look up! Our Savior provides victory!

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


Ray Waugh, Sr.

In God’s oneness, there is unity of power!
Yet, in His diversity, there is tri-unity!

In God’s unity of power, there is judgment!
Yet, in His tri-unity, there is His mercy!

In His oneness, God cannot look upon sin!
Yet, in His tri-unity, He loves the sinner!

God, in His unity, must pour out His wrath!
Yet, in His tri-unity, He himself is sacrificed!

God in His unity, decrees judgment for sin!
In His tri-unity, He saves the believing sinner!

Jesus, the Son of God, bore our sins on the tree!
And the Spirit of God witnesses of His love!

All who, in love, recognize His magnanimity
Become evidences of God’s glorious tri-unity!

Others must forever quail before God’s unity!
Enduring, forever, the reality of His judgment!

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


A Mother’s Request
by Helen Fraser
A good friend of our Mother and Father from Midland

What do I want for Mother’s Day, you ask;
   My fair young daughter, and my stalwart son,
Only that you should finish up the task
   That, in life’s evening, seems but just begun;
The task that I can never now complete,
   Of setting forth the Way, the Life, the Truth,
Except you lend to me your eager feet,
   Your questing spirits and your gallant youth.

What do I want for Mother’s Day? No gift
   that any purse could buy. But one request
I make of you: that, daily, you might lift
   The Cross of Christ and publish, east and west,
And North and South, the tidings of His Grace.
   These feet grow slow, this fading eyesight dims;
Only in you, my children, is my place
   Of witness found -- my going on with Him.

What do I want for Mother’s Day? Just this:
   Your hands, your hearts, your voices for my Christ.
This is the ultimate of earthly bliss.
   There is no comfort I have sacrificed
For you that was too much. So do not bring
   The casual token . . . But, when ways grow rough,
Then light my twilight with remembering.
   Your Mother’s God, for you, is still enough.

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.

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Using these poems
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