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Hope for Our Nation
Letters to the Editor
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

[Midland Reporter Telegram, Midland, Texas]


Just recently, I "chanced" across a word that might be of some interest to some of your many readers. Though it apparently was not written as a definitive prophecy in any sense, it nevertheless seems to be rather apropos. It was given by Dean C. Dutton in his work, QUESTS AND CONQUESTS, in 1933.

Dean C. Dutton says, "The Scourge of the Ages, a false Philosophy, is sweeping our nation in magazines, movies, materialistic instructors and in every possible way, attempts are being thrust forth to break down our national life and our Christian Civilization."

He continues, "The State, the Church and the Home are the institutions it would destroy. They prophesy that in fifty years men will not marry. Childbirth out of wedlock will be common. These brats will be gotten out of the way by dumping them on the state. Lust spurns the responsibility of parenthood. The glory and the joy of our high idealism they ridicule. They threaten the Heart Throb of our nation."

He, then, concludes with a positive word that we, perhaps, should take to heart even now, "Never was there such a need for a great, sane, constructive philosophy as in this terrific hour."

This one apparently committed his life in the belief that there was some hope for our nation, despite all of the things that were happening and the things that he expected to happen. Let each one of us have a similar and an assured hope for our society and for our nation in the closing hours of this 20th century.

Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.
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